Jacob Biamonte

Research Group Leader
ISI Foundation
Via Alassio 11/c
10126 Torino, Italy
(+39) 011 6603090 ext. 202


Note added Jan 2014.  This profile page is no longer updated.  My new homepage is here: Jacob Biamonte

I lead the Quantum Physics Research Division at the ISI Foundation here in Torino.  I actively contribute technical blog articles to the  Azimuth Project, which is devoted to using methods from Mathematics and particularly, techniques developed in quantum theory, to address environmental challenges. I am working on two research books on mathematical physics which can be found online: Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics and Tensor Networks in Quantum Theory. My current work focuses on developing new mathematical tools to model systems and towards a unified theory of networks.

News and Events

Research Interests

  • Mathematical physics, network theory, tensor network states, chemical reaction networks
  • Computational and Hamiltonian complexity theory, circuit theory and connections to condensed matter physics
  • Quantum algorithms to simulate many-body physics and ab initio chemistry on a quantum computer
  • I'm a member of the Azimuth Project.

My Courses

  • Lectures on Tensor Network States, QIC 890/891 Advanced Topics in Quantum Information, The University of Waterloo (Institute for Quantum Computation, IQC and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, PI), Waterloo Ontario, Canada, (2011).
  • Credits for both courses: youtube lectures filmed and edited by Peter J. Kovacs and Craig Hennessey, trailer and interview orchestrated by Colin Hunter.


Editorial Boards


  • Guest lecturer, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), University of Waterloo
  • Lecturer in Physics, St Peter's College, University of Oxford
  • EPSRC Funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Oxford
  • Research Assistant, University of Oxford
  • Research Fellow, Harvard University
  • Research Physicist/Consultant, D-Wave Systems, Inc. The Quantum Computing Company
  • Doctorate from the University of Oxford

Current Projects

A few talks

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  • Lectures on Penrose graphical notation for tensor network states
    with Ville Bergholm
    approx. 112 pages, (2012) [draft version]

Five representative publications

  • Categorical Tensor Network States
    with Stephen R.Clark and Dieter Jaksch
    AIP Advances 1(4), 042172 (2011).
  • Racing a quantum computer through Minkowski spacetime
    J. Phys. Conf. Ser. Vol. 1. No. 229. Pages 012020. 2010.
  • Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer
    with B. P. Lanyon et al.,
    Nature Chem. No. 2. Pages 106–111. 2010.
  • Realizable Hamiltonians for universal adiabatic quantum computers
    with Peter J. Love
    Physical Review A 78‚ 012352. 2008.
  • Non−perturbative k−body to two−body commuting conversion Hamiltonians and embedding problem instances into Ising spins
    Physical Review A 77‚ 052331. 2008.

Five recent publications

  • Degree Distribution in Quantum Walks on Complex Networks
    with Mauro Faccin, Tomi Johnson, Sabre Kais and Piotr Migdał
    Physical Review X (2013)
  • Solving search problems by strongly simulating quantum circuits
    with T. H. Johnson, S. R. Clark and D. Jaksch
    Sci. Rep. 3:1235 (2013)
  • Quantum Transport Enhancement by Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking
    with Zoltan Zimboras, Mauro Faccin, Zoltan Kadar, James Whitfield and Ben Lanyon
    Sci. Rep 3:2631 (2013)
  • Undecidability in Tensor Network States
    with Jason Morton
    PRA Rapid Communications 86, 030301(R) (2012)
  • Algebraically contractible topological tensor network states
    S. J. Denny, J. D. Biamonte, D. Jaksch and S. R. Clark
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 015309, (2012).